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The Cyclops Cycle

If you’ve ever wanted to read sonnets about comic book characters, then you are in luck.

Brian wrote a Heroic Crown of Sonnets about the family tree of Cyclops (from the X-Men). It took a while, but he mostly did it for his own amusement so that’s okay.

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A (Shakespearean) Sonnet is a poem which has 10 syllables per line, is written in iambic meter (so goes ba-DUM ba-DUM), and has a rhyming scheme of ababcdcdefefgg. A Crown of Sonnets is when the last line of one poem becomes the first line of the next – you then keep adding poems to this chain, with the last line of the last poem being the first line of the first poem. A Heroic Crown of Sonnets is what you call it if you can take each of these lines that have been carried over, put them in order, and they then form another Sonnet.

It makes sense when you see them all together, which you can do in the zine of the Cyclops Cycle.

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