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Story Gang Zine

The Story Gang are an informal writing group in Oxford. Together they made a zine.


The game was to do a ‘writing relay’. Brian, Jon Livingstone-Banks, and Holly Grant started on day 1, writing something with the title ‘My Shiny Heart’ (a title pulled out of the air by Jon). The next day, they passed on the final three words of whatever they wrote to one of the others, who took that as the title/prompt for that days writing. They did this for a little over a week. Jack Brougham then illustrated each of the resultant pieces.

You can download a pdf of it here: Story Gang Zine – Writing Relay.

If you’d like to print your own booklet, you can download the Story Gang Zine – Writing Relay Booklet. Just print double-sided, cut each page along the centre (left to right), and it should all work out.

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