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In 2011 Brian wrote and directed an adaptation of G.K. Chesterton’s ‘The Man Who Was Thursday‘.

He co-wrote a monthly audio drama every month for almost five years Action Science Theatre

Brian blogged about the science in each episode of Action Science Theatre for a while.

He wrote a chapter of The Secret Science of Superheroes, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The book was shortlisted in 2017 as one of the Books of the Year by the Institute of Physics.

In 2018 Brian was a finalist in the “Pen to Print” one-act play competition, run by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, which involved his script ‘Polar Opposites’ being performed as a rehearsed reading at the Broadway Theatre in Barking.

Brian’s Irish-language film-poem ‘Cur Síos‘ was chosen for the ‘Irish Selection’ category at the 2021 “ó bhéal” Irish poetry festival, and his other film-poem, “Writing Advice” was shortlisted for the overall prize in 2022.

His children’s poetry has been published in the Dirigible Balloon and the Caterpillar, and he was included in the kids poetry anthology “Chasing Clouds

He’s always writing something, basically.

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