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Brian speaks at all sorts of things – Science Cabarets, Science and Museum Showoffs, Festival of the Spoken Nerd’s ‘An Evening of Unnecessary Detail‘, The Story Collider. He has a long history writing and performing science shows. He has won BIG‘s ‘Best Demo’ competition twice, and won joint 1st place at the Cheltenham Science Festival’s ‘Over-Ambitious Demo Challenge‘ in 2016.

The topics are varied, but always nerdy – from deriving E=mc2 in a bar, to explaining the Cyclops family tree (the one from the X-men, not the Greek one).

Brian has appeared on the BBC podcast ‘The Boring Talks’, speaking about how pencils are really quite lovely.

Here Brian reveals the most scientifically accurate comic book hero:

Or here, Brian talks about that time he went on the ‘Vomit Comet’


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